Our community is decentralizing the Internet Domain Name System's (DNS) root zone file with Handshake (HNS).

We exist to help Handshake names reach their fullest potential and will answer any questions you have about Handshake!

Join the effort

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Taking your first steps

  1. Get a Handshake name you want to use as your online identity.
  2. Become a Namer by setting up a dLinks or personal website on your name.
  3. Show support by updating your social media display names to YourName/.


Want to get even more involved? Come Join the effort as a Director in the Namer Community!

Our community

Our community members typically come from these backgrounds, do any resonate with you?

Coin HODLers

Handshake coins of winning bids aren't paid to anyone and are burned, which creates deflationary effects on the price of HNS

Web developers

Handshake names enable dotless domains (http://nb/) and unlimited free subdomains (http://welcome.nb/) for all of your projects.

Domainers and NFT supporters

Handshake names are top-level domains that you can flip or sell subdomains off of — on average, names resale at 10x.

Open source developers

Handshake is open source, donated $10.2M to the FOSS community, and has airdrops for ~200k individual open source contributors.

Web 3.0 and dWeb supporters

Nobody owns the decentralized Handshake blockchain, making its names uncensorable, private, and truly owned by the individual.